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EUNIC MENA Regional Meeting & Pilot 1 Project

Regional Meeting of EUNIC MENA cluster presidents in Morocco


EUNIC MENA Pilot 1 Project: Training in Culture and Creative Sector Management


The EUNIC MENA cluster presidents joined the Regional Meeting 10-11 November at the Instituto Cervantes in Casablanca and Rabat. Overlapping this event, the first part of the EUNIC MENA Pilot 1 project: Training in Culture and Creative Sector Management took place in Casablanca from 5 to 12 November. This training was directed towards 16 cultural agents in the MENA region.


The EUNIC Regional Meeting took place Monday 10 November at the Instituto Cervantes in Casablanca, led by Mr. Rodriguez-Ponga (1st Vice-President of EUNIC Global and Director General of Instituto Cervantes), Mr. Corbier Labasse (President of EUNIC Casablanca and Director of Institut français Casablanca) and Mrs. Helena Kovarikova (Director of EUNIC Global office); and in the presence of EUNIC cluster presidents: Algeria - Ms. Romero Guillemas (Instituto Cervantes), Egypt - Mrs. Gabriele Becker (Goethe Institut), Israel - Mr. Fernando Ferreira da Silva (Instituto Camoes), Jordan - Mr. Robin Rickard (British Council), Lebanon - Mr. Ulrich Nowak (Goethe Institut), Morocco - Mr. Corbier Labasse (Institut français Casablanca), Mr. Javier Galván Guijo (Instituto Cervantes Rabat), Palestine - Mr. Chippone Lucchesi (Institut français), Tunisia - Mr. Nigel Bellingham (Institut français). The meeting continued Tuesday 11 November at Instituto Cervantes in Rabat.


This Regional Meeting had the following aims:

- Elaboration of a common strategy for the education and culture sectors within the region beyond the traditional projection of languages and national culture

- Evaluation of EU funding opportunities

- Presentation of actions, cultural and creative projects developed in the MENA region

- Presentation of exchange mobility programmes in the region


EUNIC MENA Pilot 1 Project: Training in Culture and Creative Sector Management offers training in cultural and creative project management directed towards 16 cultural issue specialists from 7 MENA countries (Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Tunisia) that have been selected to participate 5-12 November 2014 in Casablanca (Morocco) and in April 2015 in Beirut (Lebanon). Between the 2 sessions, the participants will return to work in their countries. This will allow them to progress with their individual projects, all with the help of the pedagogic team specialised in cultural cooperation and creative sector projects. The project’s aim is to enable the participants to act individually, to reinforce their skills and elaborate on the necessary tools for cultural cooperation in the MENA region.

This project was conceived by EUNIC Global in collaboration with the Marcel Hicter Foundation and Racines in Casablanca. It is supported by EUNIC clusters of Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco (Rabat and Casablanca), Palestine, and Tunisia, as well as the following institutions: Austrian Ministry for European and International Affairs, Wallonie-Bruxelles International, Flanders Department of Foreign Affairs, Institute Camoes, Swedish Institute, Instituto Cervantes, Institut français, Romanian Cultural Institute, EU Delegation in Jordan, Cooperación española, AECID and FIIAPP.