European Waves in the Sea and Freedom Festival 2015

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From 22nd-31st of August 2015, EUNIC has co-organized the Sea and Freedom Festival in the Gaza Strip and in the West Bank along with the Edward Saïd National Conservatory of Music (ESNCM). During the festival, four workshops took place in Birzeit West Bank and four concerts in Gaza. Four capacity-building workshops took place between the 11th and the 15th of August in ESNCM’s Birzeit Activity Center. These workshops were designed for music educators and technicians from the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and the West Bank and were conducted by Palestinian and European trainers such as Diego Alamar, Maya Khaldi, Lea Fink, Dr. Bernhard Hofmann and Helmut Philipps. The workshops addressed topics such as Elementary Music Pedagogy, Choir and Orchestra Leading and Conducting, Music and Orchestra Management, and Sound System Management. The workshops were concluded with a choir improvisation concert performed by the workshop participants. A total number of 35 participants benefited from the workshops. The concerts in Gaza attracted an audience of more than 400 people (all ages). Both Palestinian workshop participants and the European workshops leaders have shown great interest in staying connected with each other, and see the possibilities of further communication and projects in the future.